The Manzone wine farm is located in the outlying Manzoni district of the village of Monforte d’Alba.
As soon as visitors arrive at the farm they are met by a wonderful, unique panorama: a succession of hillside vineyards stretching out in perfect harmony over a vast, neatly-tended rural landscape, with a ring of mountains in the background surrounding the plain below.
We are in one of the loveliest parts of the Langhe, in an area which has been a prime winegrowing terroir for centuries: the nebbiolo grapes grown on these hills have always been competed for by traders and brokers, often using the only weapon at their disposal: price.

Highly-prized varieties are worked here: nebbiolo, barbera, dolcetto, freisa and favorita.
These vines are native to the Langhe and the region of Piedmont.
A quality wine must reflect a perfect blend of grape, terroir and tradition.
The big oak casks lining the small cellar embody the age-old local tradition that envisages the vinification of only estate-grown grapes and absolute respect for the raw materials.
The thoroughbred reds rest in the wood, slowly developing their delicate bouquets and rounding off the fullness and richness of the flavours.

Wines with a precise local identity deeply-rooted in the village of Monforte d’Alba, in the prestigious hills of the Langa.
The Manzoni district lies in the Bricco San Pietro Additional Geographical Indication, or cru.
The colours, aromas and flavours that reveal themselves in the glass cannot fail to fill wine enthusiasts with delight.