Barolo D.O.C.G.


from our vineyards, exposed to the South-West at an altitude of 400 m above sea level, on marly, calcareous-clayey soil

Grape harvest period
in the first 15 days of October

Wine making
the traditional red wine making starts with the soft pressing of the grapes putting to one side the grape stalks; the maceration continues for 20 days, with an accurate control of the temperature

the maturation occurs in big oak casks from Slavony for 30/36 months

in the month of August after 3 years from the harvest the wine is bottled and must be kept in bottles lying horizontally in the cellars for at least 6 months

Towards the market
the wine will be ready for the market by the month of February, during the fourth aging year after the harvest


Organoleptic characters
Great, full-bodied and impeccable wine  with a garnet red colour and orange steaks which appear after the passing of years; a scent of fruit and spices with strains of jam, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon; it has a dry and warm taste, with a rather good structure and great aromatic  persistence

At table
big meat starters and highly savoury first course dishes, second course stewed and braised meat dishes, hard mature cheeses