Dolcetto d’Alba D.O.C.


from our vineyards, exposed to the South-West, at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, located on white, calcareous-clayey soils.

Grape harvest period
in the third ten day of September

Wine making
after the soft pressing of the grapes putting to one side the grape stalks, it follows a process of red wine making with a 8/9 day maturation and an accurate control of the temperature

after the drawing off the wine becomes limpid in cement tanks and then it matures for a short period (2/3 months) in ‘classic’ oak casks

between the month of June and that one of August, during the year following the harvest, the wine is bottled and it must be kept in bottles lying horizontally for at least 3 months

Towards the market
the wine will be ready for the market by September of the first year from the harvest


Organoleptic Characters
young fragrant and fruity scent with strains of wild cherry; wine, bright ruby red colour with typical intense violet reflections; the bouquet opens in a dry, full-bodied to the taste, it presents decisive character of pleasant bitter finale

At table
thanks to its versatility it can be served with every type of dishes, although it prefers meat starters and complex  first course dishes