Langhe Favorita D.O.C.

Growing location

A slightly spritzy Piedmontese dry white wine grown at an elevation of 400 m on infertile marly, calcareous soil chosen to rein in the variety’s strong vegetative growth so the grapes ripen to perfection.

The harvest takes place between the end of 
September and the beginning of October. The wine ferments in steel at a low temperature (17/18°C) for around one month before being filtered and bottled after cold tartaric stabilization. It is then stored in cool surroundings at a constant temperature of no higher than 18/20°C.

Tasting profile
The golden clusters give the wine its straw-yellow colour, delicate nose, dry taste and bitterish finish.

Food pairings
A good match for starters and undemanding first courses, it is at its very best with fried fish and shellfish, as well as boiled fish.